Friday, October 7, 2011

Disregard the appearance, please!

If anyone is actually reading this, please ignore the weird look of the blog. I am testing out a few design skillz. (z is intentional) What do you think?

Book Review- Thank You, God, for blessing me (ebook)

I recently snagged a copy a copy of the ebook Thank You God, For Blessing Me by Max Lucado, part of the Hermie series. 
I like the little poem about different things to be thankful for. That’s it. Perhaps it was due to glitches in the ebook world, but the book turned out to be only 3 pages and had very tiny pictures. It seemed that several regular pages had been smashed into one with shrunken pictures. Despite the pictures being small, they were cute. My kids liked them. 
The poem was short and my kids (3 & 5) could have sat longer for a more in-depth story. So, this book would best be for much younger kids...maybe even in a chewable format for the littlest babies to teethe on! 
My kids also wished the book read out loud to them, as some other ebooks do. Maybe Tommy Nelson can add that feature to their children’s ebooks? 
If you get the book, get an actual copy of it- not an ebook version! 
Thanks Booksneeze for this free download. I gave my honest opinion in exchange for this review. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

2 things

1. If you'd like, jump over to my other blog and check out my Top 10 Reasons I Enjoy Itinerating!

2. I have a free copy of Faith & Culture to give away. Zondervan sent me a second copy by mistake and now I can give it to YOU! If you'd like to have it, leave a comment and I will pick a winner later this week! You can read my review of it here.