Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My friend, Jess, and I just went to the Silver Sneakers Water Aerobics class at our gym. I laughed harder during this one hour of hopping, stretching, pushing and pulling water than I have laughed in a long time. I think my workout was more productive because of such laughter.

My chuckles began as we entered the water just as all of the “silver” individuals were- the gently sloping incline. Then the instructor glanced at us a few times before she got the hint that we were a part of her class and not casually swimming passers-by. Next she sent us to the back of the group (thankfully! I was worried I was about to be embarrassed by the participants double my age.). More laughter. Soon I realized that Jess and I were the only ones wearing a bathing suit of any color than black. We stood out for our age, our limited water aerobics experience, our height at which our exercises were above the others, our bright bathing suits, our laughter, and my (inconsistent) splashes. I could not contain myself during the exercise the instructor called “half-jacks”. This movement included bringing your knees (extended to the sides of your body) up halfway and bringing your bent elbows (also extended to the sides of your body in the “put your hands in the air” type posture) down to touch your knees. Then we were supposed to bring our knees down while pushing hands back into the air. Repeat. Repeat faster. Repeat your fastest. During these few minutes of half-jacks, all I could conjure up in my head were the silly Christmas ornaments I have packed away in the attic that have a short string hanging from beneath them. When you pull the string, all four limbs do something funny and repetitive. Then you repeat faster. Then you push the Christmas ornament to its limits and repeat it’s fastest. Laughter ensues. What a great morning!
Photo found @ www.nationalphotoawards.com/i//Water_Aerobics

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Annie said...

So funny. I can just see you having a hard enough time breathing under water without laughing as hard as you were.
I love water aerobics; even taught them at the pool where I life-guarded. Seems like years ago-21 to be exact. I would have been your age.... Annette