Monday, July 19, 2010

Book Review: Wild At Heart by John Eldredge

John Eldredge’s book, Wild At Heart, Discovering the secret of a man’s soul is a collection of answers for the questions I’ve always had about my husband! Eldredge quickly welcomed readers from all perspectives into his heart. Wild At Heart explains why my husband yearns to be challenged with climbing huge rocks and surviving nights in the woods with nothing but the essentials in his backpack. Through his discussions about wounds, our wild creator, the battles men face, the beauty all men want to rescue, and strategies for surviving the adventure, I am more aware of how complex and important treasuring my husband’s heart is.

My favorite passage of Wild At Heart is when Eldredge exquisitely described the role of women in men’s lives. The term given to Eve was “ezer kengdo” which has been translated to “help mate”, more specifically “life saver”(p 53). From a woman’s perspective, it is so satisfying knowing that my role has been so beautifully defined to more than a helper- but to that of a lifesaver. My heart soars knowing God designed my husband to really need me- and that I need him.

Eldredge, thank you for captivating my attention in a wonderfully, unstoppable conversation about my man. My recommendation is that everyone -men and women, married and single- should read this book. The impact Wild At Heart has made in my own life is immediately tremendous. My perspective on my husband has been altered and my friends have also began reading, or re-reading, their own copies of Wild At Heart.

(Thomas Nelson Publishing provided me a complimentary copy of Wild At Heart in return for an honest review.)

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