Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book Giveaway #2

I think there are two ways to measure the usefulness of a book. Ask yourself these two questions: would you give a copy to someone else in your life and would you keep a copy in your bathroom to read "when you have a moment". Agree? 

Well, this little toolbox is one of those books. 20 Rules and Tools for a Great Family is another easy read that gives practical tips on making your family great. Endorsed by Focus on the Family, Steve Stephens (what a name, eh?) gives lists, ideas, and thoughts for parents. 

You can win your own copy of this book by leaving a comment under the post. In your comment answer this question: What is your favorite conversation starter with preschoolers or elementary age kids? What is something you'd ask a child while sharing a meal, taking a walk, or driving in the car? What question could get a kid talking? 

Bonus entry- refer a friend and make sure they leave a comment. You can just leave a second comment telling me they are your guest and left a comment.

Contest is open until next sunday

Steve Stephens, Tyndale House Pub., and Focus on the Family have no idea I am giving away this book.  I just want to spread the love with good resources. 


Anonymous said...

nice giveaway! count me in!

Tracy said...

Well Nadya is younger than preschool but I enjoy asking her which friends she's looking forward to seeing at church. Its fun to watch her think through the names of so many people she knows, then get really excited about going to see them!

On another note, I just stumbled upon your blog & look forward to looking through it more!

Jenvieve said...

This sounds great. Please put my name in the hat. : )