Friday, June 29, 2012


"with-ship" of Jesus. No, that's not a's for real. This morning, I read about this new term. Practicing with-ship of Jesus. Pure and simple, time with Jesus. No agendas, just time with him. What would our hearts look like? What would our schedules look like? I spent 9 days on the road recently and found myself cluttered. I had things I wanted to process and reflect on...I had thoughts that needed to be completed before spoken...and yet, I went from activity to activity without the time to reflect. It's like I needed to sift them or swirl them around, just as one would swirl a pan looking for valuable gold. I wanted to let the "junk" splash out and allow the desirable things to remain. I wanted and needed to just be with Jesus. In my journey along the 7th Year, Chole writes that our top priority, as Jesus taught, is to just be with him. Our actions for him come from our time spent with him. We so often do it the other way around...we work hard for him, then come back and want to see his face. This is my reflection from week 19 of the 7th Year e-journey. If you want more information about this experience, visit and check it out!

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