Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book review: Everything- a keeper

DeMuth does it again. This is a book I’d put in the hands of students in my life group on campus, women I meet with one-on-one and a resource I will keep nearby for my personal refreshment. 

Everything, what you give and what you gain to become like Jesus (2012) is proof that there is nothing greater than the pursuit of Jesus. When we give up everything, He becomes everything. 

I love reading Mary DeMuth’s books, blog and facebook statuses. She is real. She is raw. And she bravely shares parts of her life that so many of us would keep hidden. Everything, one of her recent books, seems to sum up her ministry as a missionary overseas, writing career and personal life; although I doubt she is done with any of them! 

After reading her memoir, Thin Places, I wondered something (which I often wonder about speakers and writers when they share personal stories) does she tell facts about her childhood when those that “knew her when” are still living? What responses does she get? How does she handle the pressure of their (potential) scorn or support? This subject, among many, is addressed in this book. She answers real questions and cries out life-changing challenges for her readers. 

I can’t verbalize how thankful I am Mary (I feel like we are on first name basis, here) was brave enough to obey. She continues to write honestly. 

Get it. 
Read it. 
Buy another copy & give it away. Repeat. 

Booksneeze gave me a digital copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I dislike digital books. Have a mentioned that before??The opinions are strictly mine. *happy face*

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