Sunday, January 30, 2011

A good one...

The Ultimate DVD Read and Share Bible (Volume 2) y Gwen Ellis and Steve Smallman is a good resource to add to your family’s collection. The book comes with two DVD’s that correspond with the stories from the book- each story being told in 3-4 minutes on DVD and a “full-spread” picture to follow along in the book. Twenty-six Bible stories are told in this volume. 
I popped the DVD in for my kids (ages 4&3) and was very surprised that they sat through the entire first DVD which included 13 short Bible stories. The back cover of the book says that the DVD’s feature “engaging 3-D animation”. If I hadn’t seen my kids become “engaged” in the animation, I wouldn’t have believed it had the capability of keeping their attention- but ti did! The animation isn’t horrible, but it isn’t terrific either. I did enjoy the quiet music in the background. 
Each story is just that, a story. It is not the exact words taken from scripture; however, the references are included. Additionally, a simple statement at the bottom of the story is included that summarizes the story and (sometimes) asks a question to spur a little more thinking. 
I am picky when it comes to purchasing a Bible for kids. I don’t appreciate the cheesy books available and I avoid the high-pitched music. This resource was not either of those- I will happily place my “stamp of approval” on this book. A great addition to a child’s library of Bible resources. 
A side note- this volume, being #2, doesn’t include basic stories from the Bible such as Creation, Noah’s Ark, the birth of Christ, etc. Those stories are all found in Volume One. If you can swing purchasing both, I would do that! 
Thomas Nelson gave me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks TNP!

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