Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ice Cream Cupcakes!

I’m about to demystify the secrets I have stumbled upon about ice cream cupcakes. Part of me wants to keep the illusiveness about these small miracles to myself. They are just so simple- they are perfect for any and every occasion. Like, say, the bills are paid and stubs organized for another month..... someone has a did all your brushed and flossed woke up on time two days in a row....any reason for a celebration....I mean really, can’t you think of a million reasons to celebrate with an ice cream cupcake. And think! Once you have made a batch, you can hide a few in the freezer and take them out on a rainy day just because God loves you. So, prepare yourself to be amazed. Prepare to kick yourself for not making these sooner. Prepare to hit the gym an extra hour this week. Are you ready? 
Get your supplies:
Yields 24 small miracles also known as ice cream cupcakes
1 box of cake mix (yes, I use cake mix- always pillsbury) 
2 or 3 eggs (whichever your cake mix calls for)
veg. oil
ice cream/sorbet/sherbet of your choice
homemade cake icing (you could use store bought, again stick with the pillsbury, it just tastes better... but homemade works better and freezes better and it’s cheaper...I’ll post my recipe for that too.)
Other supplies:
serrated knife (that’s the one that cuts bread easily)
baker’s joy pan spray
cupcake pans 
jumbo cupcake papers (Wilton makes a jumbo size that still fits in regular cupcake pans, they are just taller than normal)
Mix cake mix according to package instructions. 
Spray cupcake pan with Baker’s Joy Pan Spray very liberally. 
Bake for 18-24 minutes, or until the little babies are done. Allow them to cool WITHOUT eating any! (You’ll thank me later!)
Wash out cupcake pan, you’re going to need it for assembly time. 
When you are ready for the next step, remove ice cream from freezer and set on counter to soften while you work. 
Fill cleaned cupcake pans with jumbo cupcake papers. 
Slice cupcakes in half, just as you would a biscuit- horizontally. 
Place bottom half in the bottom of your jumbo cupcake papers. Do this 24 times. Reserve the tops for later. (Don’t eat any. Trust me on this!)
You’re ice cream should be soft enough to work with now. Place one good size scoop of the frozen confection on top of the cupcake bottoms. With the back of a spoon, spread out the ice cream. Work quickly. 
Put the tops of the cupcakes on top of your ice cream. Pop the cupcake pans, filled with deliciousness back in the freezer for a few hours or over night. Put a lock on the freezer so you aren’t tempted to sneak in there when you wake in the middle of the night to let the dogs out. 
Once completely frozen again, ice however you wish. I suggest filling a decorator’s bag with your icing. You’ll be able to ice the small miracles faster and get them back in the icebox. Eat one. Hide the others. Eat another just to be sure they are safe for others to consume. 

Can you imagine chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream, or strawberry ice cream, or coffee ice cream....or a pumpkin bread type cake with cranberry ice cream...or the possibilities are ENDLESS! Let me know if you think of other combinations~ 

I mentioned I would share the homemade icing recipe. Super Easy. 1 cup crisco, 2 cups sifted powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla, dash of salt, 1 tbsp water or cream. Whip in stand mixer until smooth and creamy- usually about 5 or 6 minutes of high speed mixing. Beware of the mess this will make...the greasy, horrible mess. 


Annie said...

You, my dear, are AMAZING! I am going to make these soon!

Annie said...

I made these. I made a batch of chocolate Pillsbury and a gluten free mix as well. I used vanilla and chocolate ice cream and instead of frosting, I used real whpping cream. After I beat it up, I added cherry jello to which I had added only half the water. I assembled them in Valentine cupcake liner's and they look so pretty with the pink whipped cream topped with Valentine sprinkles.