Sunday, April 1, 2012

7th Year- Week 6: Hemmed In

You hem me in- before and behind. 
You know me. 
You laid your hand upon me. 
You are there. 
Your eyes saw me. 
You are familiar with my ways. 
You know what I do. 
You are aware. 
(Phrases from Psalm 139)
This week for the 7th year, I added the last layer to my life scroll. I added my questions, revelations, commentaries and overall summary of all the previous 6 layers. I found common themes running throughout my scroll; both in God’s movements and my responses to His movements and other circumstances. I ask(ed) the same questions, or variations of the same questions repeatedly. Yet, through it all, God remained the same. 
He is my:
(ever) present
pursuer (as in caller, wooer, chaser)
These God-descriptors all were all woven numerous times throughout my scroll, reoccurring frequently. I know some of the descriptions don’t make sense to others and that’s ok. They don’t have to. At times, this doesn’t entirely make sense to me. But, I know they are true. 
A good hem is turned into itself twice and stitched in a way that is invisible from the outside of the garment. A hem encompasses the fringe of the fabric and ensures future unraveling. A hem surrounds, borders, edges, encircles, encloses, encompasses, corrals. 
Sounds a lot like my cinched-in feeling I wrote about earlier in this process. You can read about that here

Jesus hemmed in my fringe- whether caused by myself or other people- and protected against further unraveling. Jesus hemmed me into himself- before me and behind me- so that his presence was always there. At times, the hem felt invisible- as if one was looking at it from the outside- but it (he) remained present. 
I remain thankful for this 7th Year journey and invite you all to begin participating at any time. You can find details on how to participate through visiting the site, 

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