Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another Guest Blogger!

On Monday, I will host my second guest blogger! I can not wait to share with you what she has written!!!

To my Farmville friends, you are going to love this.....prepare yourself.

To my new Connecticut friends, you are going to love this....prepare yourself.

I love my guest blogger and I know you will be blessed by what she has written. Check back on Monday!!!

Here's a horrible reach-out-your-arm shot of us on a date. Where did we end up? Trying on bomber hats at L.L.Bean. We're dorks, but we are learning our way around true winter weather gear. These even have little ear flaps you can raise to allow hearing while the larger side flaps are lowered and tied around your chin. We've love to get some (despite the unattractiveness), but with a $50+ price tag, I think we'll wait! Enjoy your wintery weather this weekend~

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