Monday, January 23, 2012

Guest Blogger: Annette Hertzler- Spend Time With Your Treasure

A&L- Christmas 2011

And here it is, friends! The much anticipated blog post from my dearest Annette. Most people who know me, know about her....if not know her personally. I wish the entire world could spend the time sitting at her farmhouse kitchen table as I have....but then there wouldn't have been time for me! She and I started our friendship because I was given an assignment to find a mentor in my life- someone to help me along in the process of becoming a Godly woman and wife. We became kindred spirits quickly and our families knit themselves together closer than I ever thought possible. Her mentorship and guidance also taught me to the mom I am today. Friends often ask how it all happened, but that's so hard to answer... it was two lives intentionally lived together...a complete God-thing. We are real and honest with each other. She knows more about me than anyone. She's the one when I call when I win and fail at life. She's cried with me, rejoiced with me, straightened me out, and allowed me to sleep when it seemed no one else would. 


Gifts To Enjoy
       God enjoys us. I believe He created us for His enjoyment. I read recently that there are three things children need. They need security, significance, and purpose. Adults need these things too. Being enjoyed and loved by God gives us security, significance, and purpose.
    God gives us children for our enjoyment. In 1 Timothy 6:17, the writer exhorts us to "trust in the living God...who has given us richly all things to enjoy." If you enjoy each stage of your child's development, you will most likely enjoy each stage of your child's development. Yes, I said that twice. You may even be asked if the little girl in your grocery cart is your grand-child because you are enjoying her so much.
     We worry too much about doing it right and God says, "Just enjoy the gift I've given you." When you enjoy your child you will most likely be in good relationship with your child. Healthy discipline stems from that good relationship which is rooted in love and love never fails. Love never fails.
     When my first child, Freeman, was two, I wrote a little poem called "Treasures." I share it with you here.
My house is in a shambles,
The garden's full of weeds,
The trashcan smells suspicious
and the toilet bowl has needs.
But I am with my baby
and he's showing me the sky,
an ant who's on a journey,
and a flitting butterfly.
My housework never will leave home
But one day all too soon,
Our son will walk out of our door-
Whistling freedom's tune.
So spend time with your treasure-
Don't fuss about the dust.
Your baby is eternal,
Your gold that will not rust.
God enjoys you, His treasure.
Enjoy your treasure, too.
Annette Hertzler

Several years after our friendship began, I was taking a class about women's ministry and was given another assignment to serve as a reverse-mentor for someone. Naturally, I wanted to help Annette learn something new! She and I had spend some time talking about how important writing was to her- she wanted to write things down for her kids to have later in life. I offered to teach her to blog and within a few posts, she was hooked! You can find hundreds of wise treasures like you've just read on her blog, Please jump over to her site and grab a nice cup of tea and soak in her words. She's a keeper! 

Thanks, Annette, for sharing on my blog! I LOVE it....let's do it again! 


Ajieh Ernest said...

What an AMAZING story, and a PRICELESS lesson.
Thank you,

Lindsay said...

Thanks for your comment Ajieh!