Thursday, January 5, 2012

Magical Morning Moments

The best part of my day happens before I open my eye lids. It starts like this:

  • Dog huffs repeatedly, in an attempt to beg to be let outside. Being gentlemanly, he refrains from barking. I love him for that. 
  • Gil *encourages* him to quiet down a few times. 
  • Gil begins to huff repeatedly, as he layers on the clothes to escort Judah out. I love him for that. 
  • All is quiet while the boys are outside. 
  • Somewhere in dreamland, a coffee grinder is switched on and the time warp begins. 
Time stops. 

Some days, the time warp feels like it lasts for hours. It's amazing, heavenly and totally my love language. I know, thanks to my husband's vast coffee knowledge, that the ground coffee will only sit in the french press for 4 minutes. But the moments just don't add up. 

Here's what I know:
coffee grind time + water boil time+ 4 minutes to do whatever it does in the press+perfect cup prep= not that long (in real life) 

But, if you account for the time warp, the moments stretch. 

Here's what else I know:
Sleep during the time warp is deep and sweet, it's powerful and concentrated. It's like a nap in the sun, which is so much better than normal sleep. 

After the elongated minutes, I feel someone standing nearby. I have a 6th sense- I can tell coffee is close. 

Time begins. 

  • I *gracefully* sit up, eyeliner smudged and hair going in ever direction possible. He loves me for that. 
  • He places the cup of goodness in my hands and walks away. I love him for that. 
  • I drink most of the powerful goodness, then begin to move. 
  • Somewhere in real life, I hear kid chatter and the day begins. 
I know I am loved during these magical morning moments. 


Stephanie said...

Beautiful post, Lindsay ~ loving your word pictures!

Sometimes I go to bed at night looking forward to my coffee in the morning. Crazy, I know. =)

Lindsay said...

I start thinking about my morning coffee during the afternoon before!

Stephanie said...

Hmmm....the afternoon before, I'm still drinking coffee. =)