Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book Review: The Christian Writer's Market Guide 2012- a keeper

Imagine being a writer and needing to know who to call for editors, publishers, contests and not knowing where to look. Your searches on Google end up with the crafty business person’s eye-catching website and writing classes for the local middle school age homeschool co-op. Frustration oozes from your fingertips. This amazing article hibernates on your hard drive while potential periodical editors hunt for something great to publish. How can the two become one? Is it possible for the perfect match to be found? Unlikely....Possible....Maybe?
*Cue end of drama.*
This heavenly made match can be completed with the help of Jerry Jenkin’s 2012 Christian Writers Market Guide. Jerry B. Jenkin’s Christian Writers Guild compiled information from hundreds of publishers, agents, contests, writers’ groups, conference locations and dates and topics of interests. This book is like the White Pages of the writing world. I bought my first copy in 2009 and used it as a guide to navigate new territory. By flipping through the pages, I was able find useful information for publishing....but I also found encouragement to write. This tool is 552 pages of potential outlets for writing. Even though the publishing world seems to be caving in right now, there are still writers landing jobs! It’s motivating to skim through the Guide and see the areas on interest still available for writers. 
If your amazing article or book is still hibernating on your hard drive and you’d like to wake it, grab yourself a copy of The 2012 Christian Writers Market Guide. It’s somewhat pricey ($24.99), but if you look at it as an investment in your yearly writing career, then it isn’t so bad. 
Thanks Tyndale for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! 

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